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He failed in business in 1831.

He was defeated for Legislature in 1832.

His second failure in business was in 1833.

He suffered a nervous breakdown in 1836.

He was defeated for Speaker in 1838.

He was defeated for Elector in 1840.

He was defeated for Congress in 1843.

Again, he was defeated for Congress in 1848.

He was defeated for Senate in 1855.

He was defeated for Vice President in 1856.

He was defeated for Senate in 1858.

He was elected as President of United States in 1860



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I couldn’t agree more! Really, this philosophy worth gold (make it diamond). If you have never failed then you don’t know the real taste of success. After many struggles when you finally “get it” and achieve some particular goal, you feel like it was worth those thousands failures.

“I have not failed. I’ve just found 10,000 ways that won’t work” – Thomas A. Edison


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I can bet that your first impression on this little quote is about starving, not eating or just staying plain stupid and not learning anything. It could be true if you will use it in the negative context . But I want to share my thoughts and understanding about this quote in positive context.


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People  has become so ignorant, that they don’t care about the health of our world as long as it does not affect them. We are tend to look after ourselves and live “in the moment” or like it was the last day in our life. Well I think it’s time to realize that issues that the world is facing now, will affects everyone of us in the near future.  So why not to to act now? Why wait until it will drop on us as a sudden problem? Do we always have to act when something bad happens?


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