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This is not a random statement that I just came up with. It‘s has been said and done many times before by successful people and they all point out and agree on one thing – dreams are the starting point of your success. And one person made me to reconfirm it one more time with grip inspiration. And that person is Gurbaksh Chahal.



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One of the most important books in my life, which made an impact on my thinking, was written by one of the greatest entrepreneur, author and motivational speaker – Jim Rohn. In 2009 December, he passed away (rest in peace Jim) leaving behind great wealth of his works and one of it is „The Five Major Pieces of the Life Puzzle. His philosophy was very simple, yet very effective and powerful.


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He failed in business in 1831.

He was defeated for Legislature in 1832.

His second failure in business was in 1833.

He suffered a nervous breakdown in 1836.

He was defeated for Speaker in 1838.

He was defeated for Elector in 1840.

He was defeated for Congress in 1843.

Again, he was defeated for Congress in 1848.

He was defeated for Senate in 1855.

He was defeated for Vice President in 1856.

He was defeated for Senate in 1858.

He was elected as President of United States in 1860


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I couldn’t agree more! Really, this philosophy worth gold (make it diamond). If you have never failed then you don’t know the real taste of success. After many struggles when you finally “get it” and achieve some particular goal, you feel like it was worth those thousands failures.

“I have not failed. I’ve just found 10,000 ways that won’t work” – Thomas A. Edison


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